MLS Teams Spent All Night Kicking The Shit Out Of Premier League Clubs, Nice Reminder For How It'll Be In The World Cup

Am I overreacting in the headline? Yes. Why? Because I want to and I'm doing my best to convince myself that we're going to beat England like it's 1776 or 1950 all over again. I don't care that these were friendlies and guys trying to figure it out. The MLS is here baby. The MLS made a statement last night. 

That statement? The USA is the best country in all the land. I don't see MLS players out here taking PK's like this: 

My man glitched trying to take a panenka and basically kicked it like my 2 year old son. It was impressive really. Remember, Conor Gallagher plays for Chelsea - not Charlotte, who won. It's legit one of the worst PK's I've ever seen. Dudes blast it over the top all the time. Gallagher decided to basically dribble it so it barely made it to the keeper. Impressive. 

Now for the serious part of the blog. Gregg spent some time doing an interview earlier this week and actually made sense. It was actually worth listening to. 

This is one of the biggest debates/talking points, however you want to say it. When we lost Miles Robinson to injury it put a huge hole in the back line. We had our core 4 with Dest, Zimmerman, Robinson, Robinson. Now we are scrambling. Do you bring back John Brooks - doesn't sound likely listening to Gregg here. Do you play Aaron Long, CCV, Richards, etc. 

Then the second biggest debate: 

Again, for me I want our best 11 out there. I want to play with the false 9. I Musah, Weah, Reyna, McKennie, Pulisic and Adams out there with Aaronson as the first sub. Then from there adjust based on matchups. 

Oh and as for Pulisic? Chelsea can thank him for saving them from complete embarrassment: 

PS: Credit to Zah and Troopz as much as I hate Arsenal. They saved the Premier League too.