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Steph Curry Will Not Stop Terrorizing The Celtics, This Time He's Dragging Them At The ESPYs

God dammit. See, this is just another reason why losing in the NBA Finals is one of the worst things to ever happen to me. That was the case in 2010, and that is certainly the case up 2-1 only to choke a title away with 3 straight losses in 2022. It's especially true when it comes to the Petty King aka Steph Curry. 

You're going to be trolled. You're going to get dragged, and we all just have to sit back and take it. There's no sense in getting upset at Steph for it, this is what the champs get to do. They can talk shit. Whether it's Draymond on his podcast or Steph at the ESPY's, this is just one of the benefits of being the champs. 

You should have known it was coming at this point too. Especially that little shoutout to Grant. Remember, Steph reads and hears everything and then immediately makes you pay for it. You know who gets the last laugh? Steph. It's always Steph. So when Grant came out and said the Celts were the more talented team (something I blogged earlier today that I fucking hate) and that the Warriors were just the more "disciplined" team, Steph immediately put out this IG post

So of course he was going to single out Grant. While his joke may not have been all that funny, I can't sit here and tell you that ring dig doesn't sting. Of course it does and I'm just a nobody fan. When I saw this look on Grant's face

It was essentially a real life version of this meme


All you had to prevent any of this from happening was just not lose 3 straight. Finish the deal when you're up 2-1 and have a 4 point lead with 4 minutes to go in Game 4. Instead, Steph did Steph things, ripped all of our hearts out, and is now on television pouring salt on those wounds while roasting the shit out of Grant because he opened his mouth and said some things he shouldn't have said. God dammit.

I don't even care that the first video was what Kevin Hart wanted Steph to use for his open. Context doesn't matter in the internet game. That clip now lives on the internet forever. I'm going to have to see that shit for the rest of my life until the Celts beat the Warriors in another Finals. 

You know what I think the most annoying part of all this is? Not the trolling or the jokes or any of that shit. That's whatever. It's that I love Steph and really like watching the Warriors play basketball. Had they been playing any other team besides my favorite team in the Finals, I would have wanted them to win. This would be so much easier if I hated Steph, but how does someone hate Steph Curry? Even as he was literally ripping my heart out and shoving it down my throat I couldn't bring myself to hate him. I was mostly in awe of what I was watching. Now he's dragging his nuts across our entire fanbase and franchise and I still can't hate him because they sneaky kind of deserve it for how they ended that series and then Grant's comments today. The whole thing is really quite unfortunate.

So let this be a lesson to everyone. Don't lose in the NBA Finals, especially to Steph because you're going to be reliving that pain for months and perhaps even years after the dust settles. He'll make sure of it.