Exciting News: I Can Still Chug Beers

Last night Steven Cheah went to a Third Eye Blind concert where he proceeded to have several drinks & cause mayhem, and in the process he challenged White Sox Dave via 'beer tweet' (shoutout Dana B). Though he eventually did it, WSD didn't have beer at first so Megan Makin' Money stepped up & threw back an IPA. 


Seeing all of this unfold on the timeline as I sat in my pajamas on a Thursday night, baby monitor by my side, I began to wonder... could I still chug? I've only been out boozin' a few times since having my son & have only gotten 'strongly buzzed' at best, so despite a shot / bummed-cig here & there it's been a long time since I've tested the 'ol gullet. 

Back in my rugby days I was a primo chugger who had no trouble with beer bongs or anchoring a solid flip-cup team, and I always prided myself on being able to out-yug the fellas (sad but true). By my estimation it's been over 3 years since my last real chug though, so could I even get more than a couple gulps in? 

Curiosity peaking, I grabbed one out from the back of the fridge, dusted it off, & gave it a whirl:

A bit of a slow, unsure start, but the old gal's still got it! (Did it make this 10x sadder that my cat is next to me the whole time?)

Think if I'd have gone for a second I would have gotten in down in 3 seconds or less, but would have also had a headache since I'm such a lightweight now. Not sure when this will come in handy for me any time soon, but it's good to know it's still there, like riding a bike. Reassuring that at the next party if I need to ramp things up that's in my back pocket. 

SPEAKING OF PARTIES, Chaps is turning 40 so we had a special birthday extravaganza, good-vibes episode of ZeroBlog30. Here's the rounds:


Hope everybody has a great weekend. Cheers!