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The Scene From Syracuse's ACC Kickoff Presser Is Among the Saddest Things You'll See This Year

Syracuse head coach Dino Babers and several players are apparently talking about the Orange's upcoming football season at the 2022 ACC Kickoff today. If it weren't for Emily Leiker, however, nobody would know that.

I count 20 empty seats of the 21 pictured — though there is one open computer left unattended, so maybe that guy was coming back. Babers could have just offered the handful of people who were in the crowd a one-on-one interview and it would have been much easier for everyone.

Leiker claims there were plenty more reporters in the crowd, you just can't see them.

Really, Emily? Then show us.

She could have easily attached another picture of the supposedly dozens of reporters in the back clamoring to hear Dino Babers talk about his returning offensive line production in that quote tweet, yet didn't. Big time my-girlfriend-goes-to-another-school energy.

Anyway, you can feel the excitement in the air for the return of Syracuse Orange football!