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Texas State University Will Start Offering A Harry Styles Class All About Pop Culture Fandom And It Looks Like I'm Going Back To College

Harry Styles inspires more questions than he does easy answers. Questions like: How does one make the leap from boy band stud to formidable solo artist, or successfully style sweater vests and high-waisted trousers? And what, exactly, is the true meaning of "watermelon sugar"?

We may never get the answers from Styles himself. But a lucky group of Texas State University students will get to parse the particulars of the British pop star for a grade.

Louie Dean Valencia, associate professor of digital history at Texas State, announced last week that he'll helm a spring 2023 class entitled "Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture." Styles' legion of fans quickly took notice, prompting many to contemplate transferring to Texas.

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LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL BABY! A Harry Styles course that also studies how the internet works when it comes to pop culture fandom??? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. Hand me my beer funnel, oversized crewneck, Nike running shorts and sorority branded baseball cap, I've got some notes to take. 

You know you're a mega celebrity when they start offering college courses based around your life. We saw it with the Taylor Swift course at NYU, Beyonce classes at SEVERAL colleges, and now we add King Harry Styles to the list of "so famous people can learn from it." What's most interesting to me about this course is that they'll be studying the effects of the internet and how its created these MEGA fan groups that launch these celebrities into the stratosphere. Mega fans…learning about themselves…in a Harry Styles class. Sounds like an infinite loop of interesting material to me!!!

But this sojourn through Styles' career is no fluff-filled blow-off class. The course centers the ever-popular Brit in a wider discussion on the "cultural and political development of the modern celebrity as related to questions of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, media, fashion, fan culture, internet culture and consumerism," according to a flier for the class Valencia shared.

I don't care how hard they make this class, there's not a doubt in my mind that anyone who takes it will get anything less than an A+. It's about time that more schools start offering ACTUALLY interesting classes that can help you understand the world you live in, and why you're interested in it. Sure, I took a few tips away from my Business Ethics 101 course, but imagine what the kind of information you can retain when you eat, sleep, breathe Pop Culture and Celebrities? Imagine how that would look on a resume while you apply to E News or Barstool Sports, the two biggest Pop Culture news sources in the world? I'm so green with jealousy over the kids who get to experience this class it makes me sick. 

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