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Rob McElhenney Dropped The Official Trailer For 'The Welcome To Wrexham' Documentary And It's So Awesome It Will Give You Chills

I know when we think of Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds it's typically laughter and comedy. Don't get me wrong, we have some of that here. But this trailer? This one gave me chills. This line specifically: 

Rob getting a little choked up talking about watching games growing up with his dad? Yep, that one hits any person with a similar experience. Shit, even at 35 I still get daily texts from my old man about games. Whether it's bitching about the Giants or him making basic observations about Kentucky, there's something that warms you up getting that. On the flip side as a dad myself, there's something cool about when my oldest son climbs on the couch and starts watching sports with me. Soft, I know. But it's who I am at the core. The kid also got a big time lesson in golf this past weekend - to the point he requested his bedroom be decorated in nothing but golf stuff. 

I wondered how they'd do this show/documentary once it was announced. Remember, this is how they announced it:

Perfect announcement with their backgrounds. But we're talking about a beloved soccer club. You can see it in the trailer. Yes, they are 5th tier. But this is a club that the entire city gets behind. I'm actually happy to see it's not all laughs and focuses on the city and fans as much as it seems to focus on Rob/Reynolds. 

That said, you can see where these two are really helping out. The gym scene got a solid chuckle from me: 

And you know what they were fairly successful in year 1. They made it to the FA Trophy* Final. They made it to the playoffs for promotion. They can build on that. They are spending money to try and build this into a legit club, which makes this line funnier: 


Like I've said it's cool seeing how much they care. It's cool seeing them try to turn this around and get Wrexham promoted. I'm a sucker for a sports show/documentary and that's exactly what we're getting here.