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Two Bachelorettes May Have Been The Worst Idea In Bachelor History

We were cautiously optimistic to see how a season with two Bachelorettes would play out & after two episodes we are not buying into it. It is not off to a good start. There's already unspoken competition between Rachel & Gabby, & it gives the guy way more power than they should have. The guys are able to bounce back & forth between the women. We think they're forgetting a major fact & that is that it is THE BACHELORETTE. Rachel or Gabby would've both made great Bachelorettes individually but they are unfortunately being pitted against each other unintentionally. There's no way either woman will be able to avoid feeling upset if a man you like wants to be with your best friend over you. It's sad Rachel & Gabby have to go through this when this process is meant to be catering to them & we don't love it.

Austen Kroll can't hide anymore as he finally joins us in studio to talk all things 'Southern Charm.'

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