Holy Fuck, This Is The Most Insane Fall Guys Win I've Ever Seen


I thought this video was going to be a troll video - like hey look how unlucky this guy got while trying to get a Solo Fall Guys win. But NO - it's the opposite! The Fall Guys gods wanted this player to win so they rigged the entire game for him to be able to fall out of the sky and right onto the Fall Guys crown. I've never seen anything like it! Why can't I get this lucky in Fall Guys...

If you didn't know, Fall Guys is BACK! The game is now free to play, available on all platforms and fully cross-platform! There's a ton of levels now, so you rarely get the same level in back to back games. You're able to queue up in Solos, Duos or Quads! Back in the day, there was only solos available, but now you're able to get a crown as a team and it's one of the most fun games out right now.

We'll be playing it on stream later and possibly a Barstool Plays video soon...


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