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LeCRUMB Says "I'm Him"

I will leave the debate up to the experts for this one. All I will say is if you have to remind everyone all the time "you are the goat" you probably aren't. For years now James has been making headlines around the "greatest of all time" topic and in my opinion it is pretty annoying. 

After this video surfaced another video came out about James back tracking his statements. 

"Lebron James says he REGRETS calling himself the GOAT"

This video came out around July 2021. A year later I guess he forgot he did this interview with RJ. Now his most recent claim is "I'm Him". I wonder in a few weeks if he will backtrack and regret once again the statements he makes. He should leave the topic up to the experts instead of trying to remind people that he is the GOAT. It seems like he seeking validation from other people, even with the claim " I don't give a fuck what nobody thinks". If you didn't care what anybody thinks then why constantly bring it up year after year. Also if you are truly the GOAT in any sport there should be really no debate. 

Its National Hot Dog Day so lets try to see if we could incorporate something to do with hot dogs in this blog. I got it now. Lets take Joey Chestnut for instance. That guy is the greatest competitive hot dog eater of all time. There is no debate. Year after year he shows why. There isn't even a close second. Joey doesn't need remind people year after year he just shows up and proves it. Lebron should do the same.