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The Juan Soto Situation Is Fucked Up, Man


Well said, Kevin Francis Clancy. Well said. Imagine having a 23 year old Juan Soto on your team. 23 years old. A perineal MVP candidate. Silver Slugger. Triple Crown bound. And then just...not keeping him. It's insane. I am just typing sentences because my brain is still trying to make sense of how badly the Nats are fucking this up. Every group text just gets darker and darker when you realize how stupid the Nats organization has been since the World Series. Seemingly every move has been to rebuild around Soto. Letting Rendon go. Max gone. Trading Trea Fucking Turner. And they do all of that to...lowball Juan Soto? To not keep the most electric man in sports entertainment? It's pathetic. It's looking more and more likely that we are 2 weeks away from a 23 year old Juan Soto being shipped away for 6 prospects, and then maybe 2 of them pan out? How is that real? Not just that, they wouldn't even fly him to the Home Run Derby.


SI - Hours before Juan Soto won the 2022 Home Run Derby in Los Angeles on Monday night, he traveled from Atlanta to California on a commercial flight.

The Nationals outfielder’s agent Scott Boras told Sports Illustrated’s Stephanie Apstein that the team didn’t charter a flight for Soto to the All-Star week after he turned down a 15-year, $440 million contract extension on Saturday.

Because of this, Soto had to board a plane early on Monday morning out of Atlanta following the Nationals’ series vs. the Braves, who were charted to Los Angeles.

“The Atlanta Braves arrived [in Los Angeles] five hours earlier than Juan Soto did,” Boras said. “You know why? Because their team chartered a plane. Juan Soto had to fly on a commercial flight and wait in an airport for two hours and get here at 1:30 in the morning and have to compete in the Home Run Derby. And that’s something that Major League Baseball did not take care of and that’s something that the Washington Nationals did not take care of.”


Is that how you take care of a franchise cornerstone? A generational talent who hasn't even begun to peak? Absolutely not. The Lerners are worth billions of dollars and won't pay the best thing to ever happen to them.



Fucking yuck dude.

I can see value in the flipside if I really try. Mega-deals for hitters don't often work out. I mean shit, the Nats didn't keep Bryce, paid for pitching instead, and WON A WORLD SERIES. That is absolutely one way of looking at it, and a very fair way no doubt. Not paying Soto $500 million and developing pitching and signing top tier talent to round out the rotation is absolutely a great way to build a team. 

But then you circle back to KFC's tweet. How can you luck into a guy like Soto and then move on from him before his 24th birthday? The money and prestige he would bring to the organization for the next decade is unmatchable. 

This truly could be it for Juan Soto's time in DC, which is fucking pathetic. There's not a package deal a team could put together that would match his worth, but they are going to have to take one anyway. This whole situation is something a team like the Pirates would find themselves in. We were not supposed to be the Pirates. Ugh.

I will say though, to conclude this blog, losing Soto would suck 10/10, but if the Lerners or new owners proved they were still spending money and trying to win, the franchise and fanbase could be salvaged. It will be tough to do, but in baseball if you take that $500 million that was going to go to only Soto and spread it around and jumpstart the rebuild, people will understand. Let us pray that's what happens, otherwise we might as well move the team back to Montreal.