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No One Is Better At Spending Money Than Floyd Mayweather, Who Just Dropped A Casual $18,000 On A Mink-Lined Car Seat For His Baby Grandson

TMZ- A $345K+ factory Rolls-Royce wasn't enough for Floyd Mayweather ... "Money" upgraded his whip with an authentic mink fur-lined car seat for his little baby grandson that cost $18,000!

TMZ Sports has learned the undefeated boxer hit up his longtime car guy Obi Okeke -- aka Doctor Bugatti -- who arranged to have the seat lined in the real fur ... and then they installed it in the 2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Floyd Mayweather has had his issues out of the ring, but he has always been an electric factory of clips and content throughout his career. 

Like the time he went toe to toe with Brian Kenny on live TV 

Or calling his pilot during an interview just because he can 

His fight entrances : 

and the famous Larry Merchant clip 

Some are so old you can't even find them. I remember my friend telling me "you gotta see this" , and it was one of those 24/7 shows where Mayweather is being interviewed about an upcoming fight and Mayweather stops the interviewer and says "I gotta check on my money" and his flunkie hands him an IPad to scroll through preseason football bets. The Interviewer has no idea what he's talking about so Mayweather lays it out and explains how much he has on the line etc. It's all time. 

So having watched Mayweather's antics for nearly 15 years it's no surprise he would not only get a car north of $300k , but then spend $18k on a car seat with real fur for his grandson. 1000% a flex of "fuck you money" like you read about but also the most unnecessary expense of all time. 

For this exercise I went to resident Barstool mom Kate about just how messy carseats can get here were her comments : 

" Good luck getting liquid poop, vomit, smashed bananas and anything else you can think of out of it. I hope it came with a razor because you will be shaving shit out of that thing for as long as he has it." 

I also asked Jersey Jerry for a comment to which he replied, "Wait Kate doesn't have one of those? I got two of them bad boys. I guess some people show love in different ways." 

Good luck Floyd. The car is sick, the seat is sick, but you may get sick cleaning it up. What were you thinking ?