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The Road To 10 Units (15-1, +1.16u)

Last night was a bad night. For the first time in my life, I am a loser. After becoming the first gambler in Barstool Sports history to start 15-0, I carelessly chose the Las Vegas Lady Aces, and they let me down.

I am not an excuses guy. However, it is worth noting that my original pick for yesterday was Women's Tennis, Martina Trevisan to beat Elina Avanesyan in the Palermo Open (-550). Trevisan pulled out due to injury just hours before the match.

Now it would be easy for me to call Martina Trevisan a gutless coward for not playing through an injury. It would also be easy for me to call the Las Vegas Lady Aces a disgrace to woman everywhere. But I won't do that. In the end it was my choice. Nobody forced me to make the pick. I let the bright lights of Picks Central get to me. I should have stuck with guaranteed winners like Anthony Rizzo to NOT hit a home run.

Going 15-0 was fun. But I am not satisfied. I will learn from my mistake, and will be better for it. There are roughly 160 days left in the year. If I really lock-in and put in the hours, I think I can get to 10 units by the end of 2022.

If you thought this bit was getting old, you've seen nothing yet. I'm going to run this into the ground. #TheRoadTo10Units starts today.

Let's turn $10 into $100.