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What Should I Bet Dave For At RNR18?

Good Morning Sunshines. 

Before we talk RNR, a friendly reminder from Glenny Balls and I to not give up coffee. 

Now that I've plugged my Instagram let's get down to RNR business. If you watched the Dave Portnoy Show you know we're determined to sell more than the average RNR pay per views, which is 50-60k.

Fast forward to the 23 minute mark for RNR talk

The golden number to beat: 70k

And I want to make a bet.

I took to Twitter for some wager ideas. 

Stu Feiner replied with a SIMPLE request of 4.5 million dollars. Something we could get approved on Twitter. 

I don't see why a request this minute would need real negotiation. Just a simple tweet back from Dave saying "approved" should work (*it's worth noting this wager benefits Stu far more than me, but we are family).

And, if we don't get it, no big deal, I'll tweet Dave "hello" daily. 

Giphy Images.

Second, I could wager a follow back for darling co-host OR attempt to steal Dave's phone. That would be better if I didn't put it in writing. Forget you read that, my delete button isn't working. 

Third, we will not be blogging about this black-out subject in any capacity (including this one). 

In all seriousness, I do not hate this one. Making my childhood dreams of being a sports reporter come true

^ It's a little smaller than I'm thinking, but it's good. 

Lastly, I need a manager. Do I take on Stu with Duggs? OR, if we divide and conquer we cover more ground? 

Does "Welp" translate to "I'm the guy for the job" ??? 

Time will tell. 

Bye for now, love u all.