AWESOME: Alek Manoah Struck Out The Side In The All Star Game While Being Mic'd Up And Having a Full Conversation With The Broadcast Booth

Sean M. Haffey. Getty Images.

Attention: Major League Baseball just did something very cool

FOX mic'd up Alek Manoah on the mound during the 2nd inning of the All Star Game and it was incredible. Obviously you need the right guy for that kind of moment, but they knocked this one out of the park. Not the hitters though, they all struck out aside from McNeil who got hit in the foot. 

I mean striking out the side while simultaneously having a convo with the booth is as good as it gets. Asking the Hall of Famer Smoltz what to throw, all of that was so cool and had me captivated the entire time. Well done. You can't do this during a real game, but for the ASG it's perfect. 

Full inning is here if you missed it 

P.S. Just imagine if they forced Cole to do this. I think he'd rather commit murder than be bothered like that