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Nate Diaz Is BACK! UFC 279 Main Event vs Khamzat Chimaev Verbally Agreed To

Holy shit - the Nate Diaz vs Khamzat Chimaev fight that has been rumored for months has (seemingly) come to fruition. 

It'll main event UFC 279 on September 10th in a five round non-title fight, and personally, I can't wait. I know the line is gonna be Khamzat Chimaev minus a trillion and he'll probably look like it and back that up in the cage, but the build is gonna be amazing if the UFC capitalizes and treats it anything like the Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal fight at Madison Square Garden.

They held a special press tour and press conference on Pier 17 in NYC, brought The Rock in, and make a whole BMF Championship for the fight. Now I'm not saying to make another title - that doesn't make sense - but just build it up to something special.

This will likely be Nate Diaz's final UFC fight, as I can't see him re-signing after the back-and-forth year they've had, and I would imagine Jake Paul will be next for him in the squared circle. Crazy times.


We're about to go live and discuss this news on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show and interview Matt Schnell/Roman Faraldo, so come tune in....

P.S. Please knock on wood so the fight actually gets signed and happens. Never a certain thing with a Diaz brother til they're in the cage.