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Today July 19th 2022 I woke up to a tweet on my feed that showed Myles Garret receiving a 99 in the video game Madden. I said to myself great, Tj Watt should join the 99 club any minute now. As the day went on I found myself refreshing my twitter feed non stop. finally, I took a break around 1:00 pm. I should add I was having a great day up to this point. My son got a full nights sleep, I had a really good commute to work which is rare, and my mom is making shrimp parmigiana tonight. (We talked on the phone during my commute). All signs pointed to having a good day. 

This is when it started to take a turn. I get a text from my friend at work Kevin saying "come to my desk, you should see this". Kevin is a die hard Browns fan so I had a feeling this wasn't going to be good. I walk over to his desk and I see the graphic on his computer.

So the reigning DPOY (defensive player of the year) receives a 96. I ask why? Why does a guy who just tied the single season sack record with 22.5 sacks a literal game wrecker gets the shit end of the stick time after time? It never fails. 

Lets go back to the 2019-2020 season.

People lie, numbers don't. This was the year Watt should've received his 1st DPOY award. Instead they gave it too Donald. Everyone loves to use the excuse "BuT D0nALD G3ts DoUblEd Ev3ry PlAy" . Newsflash you think TJ doesn't get double teamed? It happens to all the great edge rushers and D lineman. It wasn't a shock when this happened in 2020. I kind of expected it to happen. I was disappointed yes but I got over it. 

As a player I'm sure Watt used this as motivation heading into the next season. The stats prove it. Tj went on to have his best statistical season. He recorded 22.5 sacks which tied Michael Strahan's single season sack record. 22.5 sacks in a season is unheard of. It hasn't happened since 2001.Then I hear the rumblings but Jerry it was a 17 game season. Yeah you are right. But Tj only played in 15 games. That's what you call something special. 

Ok let's get back to today. Myles Garret 99, Tj Watt 96. Let me say this first, obviously I am a Steelers fan but when you get down to the numbers there is no reason Tj shouldn't be in the 99 Club. Instead one of the most over rated defensive players in NFL football HISTORY gets the recognition he doesn't deserve. For fucks sake this guy almost killed a man on the field. Literally. Heres some stats from last season side by side. 

The guy on the left is in the 99 club. LAUGHABLE . Whoever is in charge of these madden rankings must hate the Steelers.

Moral of the story Myles Garret is in no way head and shoulders better than TJ Fucking Watt and does not deserve to be a 99. Anyone who actually believes Myles Garret is better is delusional. 

I'll say this. I think all Steelers fans will be mad about this years Madden rankings which they should be. As far as the browns fans go they will defend their guy to the end which I respect. We all love to root for our guys and our teams, but when it comes to the numbers these browns fans do not have a leg to stand on. 

Hopefully the Shrimp Parmigiana doesn't suck tonight.