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Introducing The Newest Way To Deliver Birthday Cupcakes To Your Mother, Throwing Them Out Of The Car Window As You Peel Out Of The Driveway

As I said, today is my mom's birthday. She's very excited about it, she's had a great day so far, and decided to head out to lunch. Like every other home in the world, my parents recently got themselves a camera for the driveway (I think for safety reasons? or to watch the deer eat all of my Dad's flowers and plants) so they, like everyone else, are able to monitor the deliveries made to the house. One of her friends sent her cupcakes...and this is how they arrived.

I won't put the company on blast because we've always loved them (and I have a feeling someone will be getting an earful from my mom anyway) - but this guy has to be fired, right? I never want anyone to lose their job. People need to work! People need money! Unfortunately I have no choice here. This guy sped 50 miles down the road, up our driveway, barely even STOPPED, then shoved a box of fragile perishables out of the window and onto our hot driveway? It's 90 degrees in Flemington today! It's almost like he TRIED to flip the box a thousand times while he forced it out of what seems to not even be a fully opened window?? Is this guy late for an appointment? Got somewhere else to be? What could POSSIBLY be so urgent that he couldn't pop out and place it on the ground in the shade AT THE VERY LEAST? I'm floored, aghast, bewildered at this behavior. Truly shocking. 

The video is objectively hilarious, my family group chat is popping off, and apparently the cupcakes SOMEHOW didn't get too banged up. Unbelievable. Happy Birthday to my mom, who deserves cupcakes that weren't thrown onto our driveway like a grenade.