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An Old Absolutely Puts On A Clinic By Shouting "SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME" Over And Over At His Seemingly Shameful Neighbor

Goodness gracious alive. Never in all my days have I seen such a shaming that didn't involve my friend and longtime stoolie Cersei's tits swinging in the wind. This was a good ole fashioned shame festival and it's something we havent experienced in a long while. The fear of shame is gone from society.  Vanished. Goneso. You have people prankin old folks at the grocery store making them believe that they broke wind by the cantaloupes. You've got a geriatric old fuck in the White House falling off bikes. You've got states that still don't allow legalized gambling and why? Because people aren't actin like this old bird and squeaking shame at their shameful neighbors. They turn the other cheek to shame and it's happened for far too long. 

We need a system. 

Dont bring your bins in? That's 2 shames. 

Forgot to take your bins out? 3 shames. 

Dont mow your grass enough? 5 shames. 

Grow your grass too early in the morning? 2 shames but 10 shames if you have a baby.

Dont tip well? 5 shames. 

I love shame guy but I feel like I'm setting myself up. This is a classic internet story where he also did something shameful. If he did, I'll be in a real pickle and might even have to renounce and rebuke-- something I surely dont want to do. 

Still amazing that the woman yelling shame is the same lady from Ted Lasso.