Kylie Jenner Is Getting Dragged Across The Internet Coals For Taking Private Jets Down The Block

(Daily Mail)

Kylie Jenner has been slammed for taking a 12-minute flight on her private jet – for journey that would have taken 30 minutes by car.

The billionaire beauty mogul, 24, was blasted as a ‘climate criminal’ for her short haul journey across California last week.

She flew on her luxury ‘Kylie Air’ private plane twice across the county on July 13, and again just two days later on July 15.

Absolutely fucking amazing move by Kylie here. If interested, here's the flight path:

Now until recently, I looooooooathed the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I just didn't understand their appeal. Wtf are they so rich and famous for? Why are they so magnetic? Because of the sex tapes and exonerations of blatantly guilty murderers? Something like that right? 

It just never made sense to me. The more I saw them, the more I couldn't stand them. That was until Kim used her fame to do actual good in her sit down with old #45, but that's a different topic for a different time. Nevertheless, the whole family is growing on me… actually, I take that back. The whole family sans Kris is growing on me. And Chloe but Kim and the rest of them?

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I'm starting to like ya'll. Not even just "not care" about you guys, I actually kinda like the cut of your jibs.

I mean really? Flying private 12 mins door to door? Complete fuck you move right in the face of all the crybabies on the internet. I LOVE it. Ya see, as my good friend & idol Kenny Powers said, "The humongous part about being a celebrity is cashing in on it - making sh*tloads of money, having expensive, luxurious things. That way in case one day you’re not famous you can still be rich as hell and better than everyone around you."

Looks like Kylie abides by that rule of life and then some. I would if I could and so would you, you and YOU. And that last you was directed at each and every crybaby on the internet who's calling her a "climate criminal" and making insane reaches like blaming the European wildfires on people like her. I wish she'd take the Kyle Express down the street just for shits and gigs if it were actually doable and just gloat all about it. 

Kylie, you've now got a fan. You're also easy on the eyes