It's A Miracle The Suns Are Good: Goran Dragic Drops A Ridiculous Story About How Cheap Robert Sarver Apparently Is As An Owner

I'm not lying when I say I have no idea how the Suns are good. I mean, sure, I get that they have Chris Paul and Devin Booker and smartly traded for Mikal Bridges. But Robert Sarver SUCKS. That might be an understatement: 


It's a miracle this dude is still running a team. But let's go back to 2013-14. The Suns were actually good despite not making the playoffs. They finished 48-34. Still one of the more bizarre stats out there is being 14 games over .500 and missing an 8-team playoff. They were even a weird team. They started Dragic-PJ Tucker-Miles Plumlee-Channing Frye and a combo of Eric Bledsoe/Gerald Green. 

That team won 48 games?

Well, mostly because of Dragic. He averaged over 20 a game and played 35 minutes a game. He was a 'snub' for the All-Star game. It also cost him $1 million. In the grand scheme of things that's not a crazy bonus for an owner to pay out. Fairly normal. 

Whether Sarver is joking or not you don't say that. Why? Because it ended up being the reason Dragic left. It's not the first time we've heard a ridiculous Sarver negotiation deal. He notoriously told Amar'e he had guys lined up to replace him. 

Fast forward to today and we have the DeAndre Ayton situation. Decided not to give Ayton his rookie extension and let him hit the restricted free agent market. Instead they had to match the Pacers giving him the largest offer sheet ever. Smart! Shit, Joe Johnson still brings up how cheap Sarver is: 


I'll keep saying it, it's a miracle the Suns are good. It's shocking that Sarver is willing to match the Ayton sheet. It's shocking he's able to keep this core together while being rumored to land Durant at some time. You joke to me about losing on a million bones and there may be a fight. I don't fight but that's about one of three reasons for me to get pissed off enough to.