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Smart: TCU's AD Pissed Off Texas Tech's Crazy Ass Fanbase By Trying To Prevent Them From Buying Tickets To This Year's Football Game

So here's the backstory. TCU announced they won't be selling single-game tickets for the Texas Tech game this year. You have to buy a package. Why? They are trying to 1) get more tickets sold for more games and 2) prevent Texas Tech from overtaking their stadium. Can't really blame him. Texas Tech fans are batshit crazy and I mean that as the biggest compliment ever. 

Naturally that caused a subtweet from Texas Tech: 

No problem with this. Rivals should throw little jabs at each other on Twitter. It's funny and harmless. However it did lead to a response from TCU's AD: 


Obviously Texas Tech fans are pissed. There are a bunch of Tech fans that live in the DFW area and want to see their team. I get it. But TCU's AD owes nothing to them. Hell, it's not the first time we saw something like this: 

Shockingly it didn't work

Is it lame? Yeah, probably. It's admitting you know Texas Tech fans will likely overtake your stadium. But that's on your fanbase. You need to have more fans buy tickets and show up. Simply put, don't let Texas Tech or any other fanbase overtake your home stadium. Not that hard to fathom. I know Tech is bigger. I know they have more alumni. But it's still your stadium. 

Texas Tech fans man. There's nothing like them. Better keep tortillas off the shelves that weekend.