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The Official MLB All Star Day 1 Recap Blog

We're live from LA and every word counts here guys. I broke my wrist riding a scooter last night and my WPM is at an all time low. Each keystroke more painful than the last. It's not about me though it's about the show, and we took it out to the All Star game to say hi to some friends and all that good stuff. Some interviews coming out later this week. For now we're going to focus on the Derby and the events. 

We get into some Derby stuff from our childhood. I love the Coors Field one but Turner and Miller are also amazing. Fenway - also such a classic. Really that run from 1996 until Selig ended the Milwaukee game in a tie... that was the golden era of All Star Games. I also happened to be 10 years old around then so that obviously helps the nostalgia factory. 

What doesn't help is a broken wrist: 

Now whether or not it's actually broken will be decided probably never because I staunchly refuse even the most basic of medical services. Last hard fall I took on it was in July of 2020 and that needed about 6 months to go away naturally. I got a right ACL I'm still working through. Some lower back and occasional tingling in my balls if I hit somebody's vape too hard. 

Point is I don't use our robust medical insurance and that applies moving forward to this dull, inescapable throb at the exact part where hand meets arm.  I'm gonna walk it off the best I can which means maybe remembering to take ibuprofen every other day. If you see me holding a microphone left handed in subsequent videos, know that it was on purpose. Like when Rocky flips righty to protect his eye against Apollo. 

I understand I just cut to me holding it righty. But you get the visual. 

Here's some other visual/recap stuff from day 1: 

- Dodger Stadium is incredible. I'm biased from Wrigley and I obviously love Fenway. But I didn't know Dodger Stadium was this impressive or beautiful. It's a borderline fortress. Like I cannot begin to explain just how much bigger it is than any MLB stadium I've been to. The playing surface is stunning. There's palm trees lining the entire field. Concessions in the outfield are unreal. You got a double concourse with a big wide one then a narrow one stacked on top just up a flight of stairs. I've never seen a double concourse like that. Nobody told me Dodger stadium would take my breath away.


- Giancarlo & Judge are MONSTERS. We'll have a video out from the red carpet even but I just want on record that these guys tower over you just as much as you'd imagine. You'd also love to know the Yankees had their own crew rolling super tight together last night all busting balls. If they were a local softball team based on camaraderie then you'd believe it. Nope that's the Yankees. That was notable. 

- Dodger Dogs fucking suck. I blogged about this before like 4 years ago but I'm running back the take because it's appropriate. I had one yesterday it's basically a lukewarm Oscar Meyer dog which also sucks because I'm an All Vienna Beef kinda guy. Dodger Dogs are the opposite. They're the scraps of the scraps that guys like me don't even eat. Think of how gross of a hot dog you need to be to lose my endorsement. That's a gross infraction of not just cuisine, but life overall. You get me to pass on a hot dog then you have wildly succeeded in becoming a massive failure. 

- Most MLB players look like regular guys. I legit thought Nestor Cortes was barbacking until I saw the chain.

- Travis Scott played a show for like 300 people at it was sweet. Even I know that and I'm a walking personification of the Steve Buscemi GIF

- LA is nice. You probably knew that but it's worth repeating. The weather is downright perfect. Everyone out here is so good looking. Lots of nice butt cheeks walking around this part of the country that's for sure. The downtown area is kinda gross but what downtown area isn't? Overall I am very satisfied with the environment which is actually not that big of a deal because I'm easily impressed. I never rate anything less than 4 stars. Not even The Many Saints Of Newark. 

- Liam Hendricks interview just wrapped. 9.7 conversation. Scott Boras on deck. Interesting time to sit down with that guy so please give me a minute to write a couple brain busting questions. 

Is the ocean TOO deep?

- Wrist is acting up so I'll wrap here. Go listen to the show. All Star game festivities have been cool. We're laying groundwork and making the introductions and getting the show off the ground. Thanks for following along and thanks to Gametime for the unreal tickets and making this come to life. The stories on Thursday's episode will be outstanding but first I need you to listen to today's. Subscribe here to make all my dreams of living a stable life come true: