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Steven Cheah Is The Least Respected Commissioner in Sports History

New Dave Portnoy Show with Alex Bennett, Coach Duggs, new hire Josh Pray and a recap of the last week of Barstool.  Alex and Duggs talked about their motivation for fighting, opponents, and me saying that Duggs doesn't move the needle.  New hire Josh Pray then joins and I don't think he has any idea who I am.  And we have a bunch of Inside Barstool topics.  I think I have to go to Kirk Minihane's next live show at the Wilbur.   I'm developing a fascinating relationship with Chris Klemmer.  Would I entertain the idea of Francis coming back to Barstool?  Gillie vs. Rick Ross.   And Steven Cheah is the least respected commissioner in sports history.  Not a single player in the MLB fantasy football league gives a single fuck about what he has to say. 

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