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No One Knows How To Rile Up Big T Quite Like General Smitty

Barstool Plays fights to the death in Stick Fight: The Game!

Stick fight will make you feel like you're watching a throwback online flash game. I used to love games like this when I would sneak on addictinggames or miniclips on the school computer! I kinda wish when gaming was simpler - it was easily just as fun and not nearly as difficult to figure out controls.

We got 3 premiere matchups for you guys today:

Duggs vs Frank

Smitty vs Big T

KenJac vs Tommy Smokes

No one's able to get into Big T's head and rattle him, quite like General Smitty. It's a master class on how to rattle your opponent and win the mental game.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and checkout previous Barstool Plays below!