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Soccer Tough: Player In Argentina Had To Get Carted Off The Field After A Fan Drilled Him In The Head With A Fish

Who the hell throws a fish? 

That's it. That should really be the blog. The video itself does wonders because a man gets drilled in the head with a fucking fish during a soccer match. Not only that, but he had to get carted off the field. Can't blame him. You drill me with a fish and I'm going down for the country. However, our guy Leandro Fernandez is a tough guy. He came back to play. 

That's soccer tough. 

I need to know more about the guy who threw the fish though. Do you know how much you have to stink - in a literal sense - holding onto a fish that long? We're talking about Argentina here. It's not cold. That fish is sweaty. You're packed into a stadium - good luck getting that smell off of you. You ever have some leftover fish smell in your trash in your garage? It's the worst. Now multiply this by a few thousand. 

Pretty good arm and accuracy by the fan though. Can't be easy to toss a fish and hit a guy in the head while on the move.