It's Honestly Sad Listening To This Mizzou DB Desperately Try To Create A Rivalry By Ranting About How Much He Hates Kentucky

Welp, I didn't think I'd be blogging about Mizzou football, but thanks to Martez Manuel here we are. Let's get right to the point. Mizzou doesn't matter. It's to the point where if Kentucky loses to Missouri, it's a backbreaking season loss. We own Missouri. 8-4 overall against them. Won 6 of the last 7. We've reached a point where if you put Missouri above Kentucky in any season predictions you have a hot take. 

But in terms of rivalry? Never once considered Missouri a rival of Kentucky. In order it's:

1. Louisville

2. Tennessee

3. Florida

4. South Carolina 

And then you can probably add Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and Georgia ahead of Missouri. 

This is probably due to conference realignment, but it's just sad trying to hear Missouri stay relevant in football. They had success when they first moved to the SEC but haven't done shit since. Luckily this made it's way to football players that matter. 

That all basically sums it up. Now let's watch some highlights.