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A 25-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Drove Past A House That Was On Fire, Immediately Runs In To Save 4 Kids Inside

Indiana -- A person was severely injured saving a child from a early morning house fire in Lafayette. According to Lafayette Police, a passerby called 911 to report a house fire around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning on Union Street.

The same person ran into the building and found 4 children sleeping inside and alerted them. Three of the children made it out on their own.

The fourth child was taken out by the unknown person, who then jumped out of a second-story window to escape the fire.

Okay so first of all I just want to make one thing abundantly clear. This man was a hero even before he heeded the call and ran into that burning home. The Pizza Delivery Driver is the backbone of American society. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. You get the hankering for 2 large pepperoni pies at 10:15 on a Thursday night, these heroes have it at your door promptly by 10:45 or else it's free. Without the Pizza Deliver Driver, we'd be lost as a civilization. 

But back to the other displays of heroism here. This wasn't even a house that this legend was delivering to. This was just a random house he drove by and obviously noticed was engulfed by flames. I feel like most people, when you truly look deep down in yourself, barely have enough courage to stay by the house after calling 911 to see through that everybody gets out safe. Most people probably just drive away for the fear of being too close if something pops off. But this man called 911, got out of his car, ran IN TO THE HOUSE THAT WAS BURNING, and made sure to get all the kids out safely. Including a 6-year-old girl who he jumped out of a window with to save her life. 


We're talking about an all-time human being right here. He didn't have any protective gear on. He didn't have a mask to make sure he wasn't breathing in a gallon of smoke with every breath he took. He was probably just getting off a shift, realized danger was afoot, and who else but him to put an end to it? That's the thought process of superheroes. 

Anyway, I hope that everybody in that town hits this man up with a fat fat tip every time he delivers a pizza to their door from now on. You should always tip your pizza delivery drivers generously to begin with. But especially a legend like this. Might even need to get a pizza review going in Indiana.