Albert Pujols Just Pulled Off The Shocker Of The Century And Knocks Kyle Schwarber Out Of The Home Run Derby

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? What we just saw was unbelievable, 59-year-old Albert Pujols basically got won a silent auction to be allowed into the Home Run Derby, it was a charity case, a going away present basically. No one gave him a fighting chance to advance, especially when the bracket came out and he was facing Kyle Schwarber who has hit 29 homers this season. Well, that's why they play the game. Pujols and Schwarber were tied at 13 and then Albert went OFF in the extra minute, it was like he found the fountain of youth. Pujols put up 7 in the extra minute and Schwarber was only able to hit out 6, 20-19 in a really exciting round. It was an unreal performance by the old man who we all assumed was done for. I literally blogged that Schwarber had a bye in the first do you lose that? He has to be punished for that in the second half. 

It was like he turned into 23-year-old Albert and went on a run. You have to be impressed by Pujols, especially considering he prob thought Schwarbs would hit 13 in the first minute. He actually gave his gloves away to a kid and had to go get them for the swing off. Even he thought he was cooked!

People think it's rigged! That is how hard it is to believe what we just saw. I think we just saw Kyle Schwarber pull a Brett Favre move on Michael Strahan, he took a dive! Crazy, absolutely crazy. This is why the home run derby is the best, no one and I mean NO ONE had Pujols advancing vs Schwarber. The Legend of Big Al lives on.