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An American Tourist Fell Into Mount Vesuvius After Taking A Selfie Then Dropping His Phone

ABC- An American tourist fell into Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano in Italy, after trespassing to take a selfie, officials said. The 23-year-old man, who dropped his phone and tried to retrieve it after the selfie, fell several meters into the ash of the crater before being saved by nearby park officials on Saturday. He sustained only minor injuries, officials said.

The man, who has not been named, allegedly walked on an unauthorized path to reach the summit of Mount Vesuvius at 1,281 meters, according to a spokesperson from the Carabinieri of the Forestry department of the Park of Vesuvius. The spokesperson told ABC News he believes the man went on the unmarked path because tickets for visiting Vesuvius, which are limited to 2,700 a day, were all booked.

Mount Vesuvius, yep that Mount Vesuvius, The same one that took out Pompeii, the infamous story from ancient Rome. I mean, selfies have been taking out tourists at even a higher rate than before. Back in the day before cell phones, people were still falling into the Grand Canyon, off cliffs, and getting mauled by wildlife. The introduction of cell phones into the mix has caused even more fatalities to the tourist community. 

I mean, this guy literally fell into a volcano. The closest we will ever get to truly experiencing falling into an active volcano is this drone footage.

I can understand trying to skirt by the rules to enjoy your vacation, but you can't be an idiot and get yourself in trouble after going off the beaten path. You're supposed to be covert, get in and out. Falling into a volcano will be a dope story one day, but for now you look like an idiot. 

Also, here is a great place to show some of Mt. Vesuvius's finest works.