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The Mets Should Offer The Nationals Whatever Is Necessary To Get Juan Soto

I have to admit I went into today's We Gotta Believe episode thinking the Mets should trade for Juan Soto because he is an absolute stud at the age of 23 that has already proven pretty much all you need to see from a player that your team will be spending roughly a half a billion dollars on. However, since I am a bitch at my core, I was also a little worried about the Mets potentially overpaying for Soto.

Luckily my boy KFC was there to quickly verbally slap the idiocy out of me.

This Mets team is built to win now. Max Scherzer turns 38 next week, nobody knows what Jacob deGrom's workload will be like the rest of the season let alone the rest of his career, and the 58-35 Mets are a good baseball team (despite what some of their fans may think).

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That being said, the Mets aren't a perfect team that could use some pieces at the trade deadline. Namely a couple of bullpen arms as well as a bat. The bullpen arm can be acquired from a couple of different teams since the bullpen is the most unpredictable thing in sports. However, if the Mets trade for Soto, they wouldn't be getting a bat at the trade deadline. They would be getting THE bat. Not just the bat of the deadline but of an entire goddamn generation and the Mets have to do whatever it takes to get it while this window of competing is possible. 

Francisco Alvarez? Gone. Mark Vientos? He's outta here! Brett Baty? Get ready to drown your sorrows in Old Bay with Ronny Mauricio because the team that drafted you is shipping both of you to DC for a guy that is only a couple of years older than all the prospects being offered for him. 

Not only that, but the Mets should be ready to take back the bloated contracts of Patrick Corbin, Stephen Strasburg (who I have decided will become a lights out reliever), and whoever is rotting away in DC for a ton of money. Hell, I'll even take whatever trash contracts the Washington Football Team has if it means the Mets can get a player like this.

Since the Mets plan on being forces for as long as Steve Cohen owns them, this is how Juan Soto did in his postseason on the way to leading the Nationals to a World Series.

Juan Soto: Confirmed Good

Juan's future teammates are already doing their best to make his transition to New York easy.

You love to see it. 

Trading for Juan Soto, paying for Juan Soto, and eating whatever contracts are necessary to get Juan Soto no matter what taxes those cheap, scared MLB owners put in place to stop Steve Cohen from doing moves like this is how you become the Dodgers of the East (building the farm system with whatever is left is part 2 of this whole plan). Because as a wise man based on Steve Cohen once said…

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We talk ALL things Juan Soto along with the absolute chaos that was this weekend's Cubs series and last night's draft on today's We Gotta Believe.