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A 'Fake' Report And New Rumor To Madrid - Another Day And People Still Have No Idea What The Hell Is Going On With Ronaldo


There's a lot going on here while nothing goes on at the same time. It's really summing up Ronaldo's offseason the best. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. He reportedly wants out at Manchester United while Man U reportedly doesn't want to sell him. There have been rumors to roughly 12 different clubs and these are the most recent ones: 

1. A return to Sporting Lisbon - where he started his career.

Now this one is the only one that Ronaldo publicly commented on. Sure it's Instagram, but it's still public. A simple one word answer. Fake. He doesn't want to go to Lisbon, apparently. I have no idea, but he says it's fake, so we'll go with it. It's truly the first time he spoke out about any sort of possible transfer and the only one he really shut down publicly. The only other one that was publicly shut down was this one: 


2. A return to Madrid - but Atletico, not Real. 

Okay, this one makes a little more sense. He knows Madrid as a city spending all that time with Real Madrid. But will he really go to a rival? We know he wants to play in Champions League. That's the one thing that has been said over and over again. One problem there though (h/t Mirror)

As reported by Spanish outlet Marca, Atletico can't afford Ronaldo's salary, which saw him take home £480,000 per week last season. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner has one year left on his contract and almost certainly need to take a pay cut if he wants to leave before its expiration date

Okay, well this is perfect. He has to take a pay cut if he wants to go there, but there's no report that will happen. I'm not a Ronaldo guy, but even I can admit we're still talking about fucking Ronaldo here. It's one of the more bizarre offseasons for an individual great that I can remember. Not even just in soccer, but in general. 

Through all of this it's still very possible he just, you know, plays for Man U. All I know is it seems like multiple times a week there's a new rumor. This is your Ronaldo update. 

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Ronaldo is still rich as shit