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Strong, Brave Mom Defends Herself After Her Cleavage 'Stole the Spotlight' at Her Kid's Birthday

Source - This mom didn’t win breast dressed.

A British woman shared her disastrous experience of her plunging cleavage stealing the show at her son’s seventh birthday last month — and the hate she’s received because of it.

Raquel Dicuru — a 37-year-old mother from Kent — hosted her son’s b’day bash and later noticed that her chest was unintentionally put on display. ...

Dicuru shared the moment on TikTok, hilariously captioning it: “When you didn’t realize your boobies were stealing the spotlight at your son’s birthday party until you saw pics and vid later that evening!”

However, viewers branded her as “indecent” and claimed she was trying to “find a husband” with her outfit.

The mother of two slammed her haters in a follow-up video. ...


“Why would you even wear that to a kid’s birthday party?” one critic said in the comments. Another added: “Women ALWAYS know when they’re hanging out.”

“Not smart enough to wear something at a kid’s party. She must be looking for a single dad,” one person wrote.

Dicuru told South West News Service she was just simply “living in the moment and singing happy birthday to my son.”

“I just thought it was funny that we were all unaware [of my cleavage] and I posted it online because I thought it was funny and got a shock when I saw the reaction,” she continued.

Before we dive in, let's take a moment to congratulate the NY Post for "breast dressed." Yes, it's probably something Mr. Skin has been using as a category for movie nude scenes since 1996. But still. It just further proves that no one is more committed to the often disparaged fine art of the pun than the World's Greatest Newspaper. They must have an entire department dedicated to nothing else but making sure every cover headline has and every article begins with a pun. And preferably, a double-entendre like this one. Well done. 

But I digress. The real point of this is to celebrate Raquel Dicuru. She is the very epitome of a strong, proud, forceful and independent woman. And she not only deserves our support, but our gratitude as well. When she refused to apologize to her critics and simply fired back at them instead, she struck a blow for every one of us. Because the more fearless people such as her refuse to cave into the mob, the harder it will be for them to attack someone else. These online bullies are like any predator in that they try to prey on the weak. And now that they've been gored by the razor sharp horns of this fierce mom, they'll think twice before attacking again. 

And I ask you, who exactly is coming out against cleavage? Since when is it offensive to anyone? And if you try to hide behind the fact this was a kid's party:

Giphy Images.

… you're fighting a losing battle. This is a non-starter. First, because 7-year-olds know what bewbs are, to the extent that they care. Assuming her son's friends are like every other kid on Earth, all they're fixated on at a birthday party is their insatiable appetite for sweet carbs, hoping their present is a hit, getting a gift bag, and making as much noise as possible. They are no more distracted from their sugar-fueled rage by the gap formed by Raquel's impressive breasts than they'd be if the boy's father came in showing off his new set of fairway woods. 

And as far as the other moms and any dad who was unfortunate enough to draw Kid's Party Duty this day, do you know which of them would want to see Ms. Dicuru leaning over in a sundress? Do you? Let me do the math, and show my work. 

The answer is: All of them. 

I don't care which gender you are or in which direction your sexual preferences lean, no one doesn't enjoy cleavage. The appeal is not just limited to the heteronormative male gaze. Ladies, I've seen your fashion shows. I've occasionally glanced at your historical dramas with women in period costumes. I see your magazines. You like being shown boobs getting pressed together like I enjoy showing people my fairway woods. (I've also got a hybrid 3- and 4-iron.) Raquel Dicuru has a balcony you could do Shakespeare from, and every adult at the party was looking because it's in our DNA. We are hardwired for it. The way a flying insect is drawn to a light bulb. 


It wouldn't matter if she was bending over in that dress at a topless beach, people are going to look. If you were in a plane crash, the jet dropped an engine and the wing is on fire and it's spiraling to the ground, if the person next to you leans over to get into the crash position and you can see down her blouse, your brain would forget about your pending doom and tell you to look. But the world is such a terrible place now that if you and she survived, there'd be some anonymous assholes on the internet commenting that she should've worn something more appropriate to her near death experience. 

Fortunately, this bold young mother bear is refusing to give in to the public pressure from these Puritans. Let them breathe, Raquel Dicuru. Release the Kent Two. We thank you. And someday your children will be grateful to be raised by such an inspiring mom.