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Nobody Shreds Harder Than Zuckerberg. NOBODY

You know what? There was probably a time in my life where I'd shit on the Zuck Man for posting a video like this. But I'm a firm believer that you should just shut up and let people enjoy things. And if Mark Zuckerberg enjoys getting out on the lake and shredding some tasty wakes? Well by god let the man go out there and have himself a time. 

Some Saturday turns, baby. That's just what Zuck does. My boy is carving that lake up like he carved up the Winklevoss twins. 

Also you have to admit a video like this makes it hard to believe that Zuckerberg is actually just some sort of alien robot sent here from the future to jumpstart the downfall of society. I don't think a robot can 1) get out there and shred that hard and 2) look like they're having that much fun whilst said shredding. Maybe he's just a dude after all. A pretty rad one at that.