Beloved Analyst David Feherty Is Leaving NBC To Join LIV Golf

NY Post -- Golf analyst David Feherty and NBC have parted ways, and he is expected to join the LIV Golf tour’s broadcasts, The Post has learned. 

Feherty is expected to be an analyst on the 8-to-10 LIV Golf tournaments each year, according to sources. LIV Golf had previously signed former NBC soccer play-by-player Arlo White as its host.

Feherty, 63, has been known for his irreverence, which he first displayed on CBS for more than two decades before moving to NBC and the Golf Channel the past seven years.

The Northern Ireland native was a part of NBC’s coverage of the British Open over the weekend. 

NBC declined comment. Feherty didn’t immediately return a message.

Well this fucking sucks. Feherty is one of the most beloved lads in all of golf. Guy just makes golf fun. Always quick with a joke and never afraid to take a swing at anyone. All in good fun.

LIV Golf going and getting a guy like Feherty is just another step forward in their mission to legitimize what they're doing. Each of these signings they're making are pointed. They're just as much about cutting the legs out from under the PGA Tour as they are in adding to what they're doing.

The tough part for NBC and the PGA Tour is obviously that they can't compete with whatever LIV Golf is giving Feherty. He's a helluva lot more valuable to LIV than he is to them. They've taken the approach of "buy a bunch of guys and figure the rest out later". It's been obvious before each of the first two events when they're seemingly coming up with things on the fly. The broadcast is a major piece of that. Getting Feherty rounds them out a bit more and they're supposedly after Sir Chuck too.

The one silver lining for NBC/PGA Tour is that many believe Feherty was starting to get a bit stale. He'd been on the mic for two plus decades and had already been kicked to the curb by CBS a few years back. That's more or less in line with the majority of golfers that LIV has gotten aboard. For the PGA Tour, this is an opportunity to get some fresh young talent on the broadcasts, something CBS has already done with the likes of Amanda Renner and Colt Knost. NBC/Golf Channel has a chance to do the same here. Not sure who the answer is to that is but we'll see.

Regardless, another blow to the golf world as we know it.