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5th Grader Goes Viral On TikTok For His INCREDIBLE Voice

The crowd's reaction says it all...


"Oh mah lawd!!!" 


It was only a TikTok but goddamn can this kid sing. This kid is next in line of all time greats. Michael Bublé. Marvin Gaye. Freddy Mercury. This kid. All lungs blessed by a kiss from god. Speaking of which, he picked a perfect song to show off said golden pipes, too:

Need to see this kid become mega famous and not flame out early because the bright lights got too big. Protect him at all costs. 

For a full video of his domination on the mic, here ya go:

I wish I were as talented at anything as this kid is at singing. Like… just hammering nails into a 2x4. Or walking my dog. Or any other mundane, every day life task. If I could be as good at that as this kid is at just ONE thing, I'd be cool. But I'm not. I'm mediocre at best at everything, other than throwing baseballs 91MPH and running marathons.