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It's So Damn Stupid That Spurs Rookie Jeremy Sochan Apologized For 'Disrespecting' Russell Westbrook Over A Joke

We've all played some version of this game. Give some clues can't say 'rhymes with' or anything like that. A good portion of us have also been in this sort of scenario. One where someone guesses something they probably shouldn't, typically leading to an argument between the couple that always argues. 

Now these are two rookies for the Spurs. Malaki Branham and Jeremy Sochan. Sochan, who spent a year at Baylor, is the one who says 'bricks.' Funny is funny. It's also true. I mean Russell 'Westbrick' has been a story for THE ENTIRE YEAR. This isn't new. This isn't even creative. It's just recency bias. 


Naturally, because nobody can bust balls anymore, Sochan apologized. 


Come the fuck on. And to be fair to Russ, he didn't say one thing about it. It's not like he quote tweeted it and started the fallout. People just started running with it. Spare me the 'he's a rookie' bullshit. Who gives a damn? Two things can be true:

1. Russell Westbrook is a no-doubt Hall of Famer, former MVP, who put up some ridiculous individual stats over his career.

2. Russell Westbrook was a fucking disaster last year. 

Not that hard to admit both sides here! 

Can we just get back to the times where busting balls and jokes aren't the end of the world. Jeremy Sochan should never feel like he has to apologize for saying bricks during a guessing game. Anyone upset about it not named Russell Westbrook needs to shut up. Russ is the only one who has a right to be upset. I'm not going to link all the dummies on Twitter freaking out about it because it's far too many. 

PS: For anyone screaming about 'bricks' weird that no one is mentioning he also says 'triple-double.' Both are good guesses!