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Frankie Muniz's Reason For Becoming A Los Angeles Clippers Fan Is As Random As It Gets

On today's Pardon My Take... FRANKIE MUNIZ! The actor turned race car driver joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss what it was like to have a career as a child actor, some of his interactions on Twitter, his new career goals, and much more. Another topic that the guys got into involved Muniz's sports fandom. One of the teams that he roots for is the Los Angeles Clippers despite being from... New Jersey?! The reason behind this is very unique, so let's hear from the crew to tell the rest of the story...

Mr. Commenter: The only career decision I would say that I would vehemently disagree with is becoming a Clippers fan, because you are the only Clippers fan.

Mr. Cat: Penny Marshall has passed away. Billy Crystal is maybe the only other one.

Frankie Muniz: Yeah, but he only goes to the big games.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, that's not a real one. Jimmy Tatro, huge Clippers fan, our friend. Enormous Clippers fan.

Frankie Muniz: Well see, I became a Clippers fan because I played like NBA Live 94 on Super Nintendo, or whatever it was. And the Clippers were the only team I didn't mind deleting all the players, because I didn't know who any of them were. And I put myself, my dad, and of course, I was 99 at everything. My cat was a player, you know. So then I was like, "I'm going to be a Clippers fan, right?" I grew up in New Jersey.

Mr. Commenter: That's really the story?

Mr. Cat: That's amazing.

Mr. Commenter: That's awesome. I take it back, I'm glad you're a Clippers fan. 

Frankie Muniz: So then, in '97, or whatever, was like the first time I went to LA, I went to a Clippers game at the Sports Arena, and there were like seven people there. And I don't know, I just loved it. Even though they didn't win often, I loved having a team that I supported and, you know, but I spent a lot of money going to games to be miserable. And that's one of the things I look back and I go like, "Wow, I literally paid money to be angry."

Some people root for a team because of their hometowns, others follow suit of their parents, but Frankie Muniz is none of the above. It all started on the Super Nintendo in the 90's for him. And now? You won't find a bigger Los Angeles Clippers fan out there. What a story.