Please Help Support US Army and CPD Hero Danny Golden

Last weekend, a southside police officer, Danny Golden, and his brother were out having a good time, enjoying a beautiful Chicago evening at their local hangout.

A fight broke out, and they intervened to break it up.

Danny was struck in the back by a bullet that almost pierced his heart, but that severed his spinal cord- paralyzing him from the waist down. 

The following comes from the GoFundMe Danny’s family set up - 

Chicago’s Best Needs us – Time to Rally

Our nephew Dan comes from a large family, born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Look no further if you want to know what service looks like: He’s the son of a CPD Detective and an ER nurse, the second of seven children, and honorably served as a soldier in the United States Army. Danny joined the Chicago Police Department as a third-generation Chicago Police Officer and is on the Gang Unit. Four of his brothers served in the United States Army Infantry, from Afghanistan to Africa, Alaska, and Eastern Europe. His youngest brother enlisted in the US Army and is set to leave this summer. Three of his brothers also protect this city as Chicago Firefighters.

Tragically Dan's life would change forever by the actions of criminals. While out with friends and family, he did what all good cops would do and tried to break up a fight by separating the men and saving further harm for all involved. The event was over when one of the offenders ran to his car, pulled a gun out, and fired 20 rounds at the group as they walked away. His younger brother was struck in the leg, receiving a graze wound. Sadly, another bullet struck Dan in the back and severed Dan’s spinal cord, missing his heart by millimeters, resulting in him being permanently paralyzed from the waist down. This devastating, life-altering event has forever changed the course of his life. All those who have known Dan are grieving after such a senseless, tragic event. We are asking the community to support Dan and his fiancé Casey to help with all the financial demands they will face in the coming years. Let them know help is on the way and donate to his cause. You can imagine the construction issues, medical bills, transportation, and all other related expenses headed his way. Real help is on the way. Show Dan and Casey just what we mean. This family helped many of us; now, we step up and show the love we have for him.


Danny, and his friends and family are big fans of Barstool, and reached out. After speaking to his brother, and getting their blessing we are selling this #FIGHTLIKEAGOLDEN shirt and donating all proceeds to Danny directly.

If you’d rather donate directly, his gofundme can we found here.

Danny faces an uphill climb with the new challenges his life now presents. But nothing he hasn’t done, or can’t overcome. Especially with the support system he has to lean on.

Time for Stoolies to do what they do best. Show Danny we have his back.

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