Netflix's 'The Gray Man' Is A Fun, Sleek Spy Thriller

When the CIA's top asset -- his identity known to no one -- uncovers agency secrets, he triggers a global hunt by assassins set loose by his ex-colleague.

ICYMI, The Gray Man is a new spy thriller from the Russo Brothers based on a book of the same name.

I'm not sure I have ever watched a movie that felt more like a video game than this one. And to be clear, that is a big compliment. The movie is essentially a series of hot people in escalating boss fights in cool locations until it hits a rewarding climax. It's not a perfect movie, but I really liked the execution and thought it was an undeniably entertaining movie. That is pretty rare in the spy thriller genre which has been flooded with sub-par movies. 

On the acting side of things Gosling is both funny and super kinetic. Imagine his character in 'The Nice Guys' combined with a martial arts expert. Evans is definitly closer to his role as Ransom in 'Knives Out' but with a way more sadistic edge to him. Ana De Armas rounds out the group perfectly. Billy Bob Thorton and some of the others don't have the same level of juice, but they're perfectly adequate. 

On the technical end, I like a lot about the movie. Like I mentioned before, it really is an escalating series of boss fights and all of them feature a different type of fight. Knives, guns, fists, kicks, throws and more and all done really well with solid stunt choreography. They do a lot of glove trotting too and don't fall into many of the common tropes. For example the movie features scenes in central Europe that AREN'T flooded with a blue light filter. A true unicorn of a movie! There are a few things that could have been tidied up among the other cast members and dialogue, but nothing backbreaking. 

It's dumb, loud and doesn't do anything crazy original. BUT, it is very entertaining and lead by 3 of the most charismatic actors in the game right now being sexy, funny and kicking ass. What more could you want? 

It drop on Netflix on the 22nd.