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LOL, Just Kidding: Iran Soccer Had To Re-Hire The Manager They Fired 6 Days Ago Because They Couldn't Find Someone To Take The Job

You may remember this story from a mere 6 days ago: 

Fast forward to today and we have the real life Michael Scott gif

[Source] - But because they could not find a replacement, Iran’s football association have reinstated Skocic.

He said: “Maybe there were problems in the last camp, but we will learn from it. I'm ready to focus my energy on preparation. We want to prepare with unity, solidarity & motivation.”

Iran’s football federation currently does not have a president and they have only one friendly organised - against Uruguay - before taking on England.

Again, this is a WORLD CUP squad. We're not talking about some random ass story here. We're a few months out from the dumbest and weirdest World Cup of all time. We're also a few months away from the US playing Iran in said event. That's why this story matters. Because we need 3 points against Iran in order to get out of the group stage. Don't get 3 and you're in a shit ton of trouble. 

You know you're in a good spot though when you fire a manager and have to re-hire him because no one wants the job. Oh and you also don't have a President for your soccer federation. Great times! 

I need to know how the call went back to Dragan Skocic. 'Hey, so this is awkward. Uh, no one wanted your job and we're too lazy to keep going. Call it even?' At least that's how I assume it went down. 

Beat Wales. Beat England. Beat Iran.