Eagles Wide Receiver Devon Allen Got Disqualified From The Track World Championships For, Quite Literally, Just Being Too Fast

Steph Chambers. Getty Images.

Devon Allen is one of the fastest men on the planet. He was the #2 ranked men's 110m hurdler at the track World Championships this past week in Oregon, and was all set to wrap up his summer with a gold medal before heading to training camp with the Eagles. The only issue is that he's such a freak that he's too fast for the computers to handle. 

There's a pretty moronic rule in track that says you're not allowed to react to the starting gun any faster than a tenth of a second or else it's deemed a false start. I guess the thought process there is that if you were able to get off the block that quickly, then chances are you were moving before the gun went off. So in the men's 110m hurdles, Devon Allen got off the block in 0.099 seconds after the gun. 

Again, we're not talking about taking off before the starting gun. This is 1/1000th of a second AFTER the gun. And again, the rule would make sense if we're talking about normal human beings here because there's no way they'd be able to react that quickly after the gun if they weren't already moving before the start in the first place. But we're not talking about normal humans here. We are talking about freaks of nature. And you can watch this replay a thousand times, you'll never see Devon Allen move an inch before the starting gun. 

Thank you, RGIII. 

At the end of the day, I don't really care who wins the 110m hurdle at the World Athletics Championships. What I do care about, however, is having a dude who can get off the line that quickly in an Eagles uniform. This man is going to be 20 yards downfield before Jalen Hurts is even in his drop back. Just chuck the ball 70 yards downfield and Devon Allen will be there somewhere. And now that the starting officials royally shafted him like this at the worlds? He'll be coming into the NFL season with an extra chip on the shoulder. Devon Allen first TD scorer in Super Bowl LVII. Lock it in now.