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Historical Swells In Hawaii Are Hilariously Ruining People's Dream Weddings



To quote the great philosopher Larry the Cable Guy, "that's funny right there, I don't care who you are, that's funny." And that is god damn funny. If you're reading this and over the age of 26, you've likely seen or at least heard first hand accounts of what goes into wedding planning. You've heard the term "Bridezilla", and it's because often times the bride will go to any and all lengths to make sure her wedding is perfect, even if it means killing a motherfucker. But guess what you can't plan for? Record setting swells, baby! And that's precisely what happened over the weekend in Hawaii, where massive waves did their best John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey impressions and crashed weddings. I cannot imagine the amount of time and money, migraines and tears that went into that wedding only for waves to wipe it all out. And of course the dudes are cracking up(🎸🎸🎸🎸) while the non-dudes are scared for their lives.

This video is wild as well, waves going over god damn houses!



It's not all bad though, the surfing is sick.



Hawaii is cool. Hope to shred the gnar there one day.