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New White Sox Pitching Prospect Noah Schultz Has Wiffle Ball Shit

For the 2nd time in two years, the White Sox have gone against their own grain and selected a prep player in the 1st round of the 1st year players' draft. Last year it was Colson Montgomery, a 3 sport stud out of the Indianapolis area. Thus far, Montgomery has thrown together this slash line in his first full pro season:

Not too shabby a start if I do say so myself! Oh, and he's currently riding a 50 game on base streak:

I like it… I like it a lot 

Giphy Images.

And now here we are in 2022 and the White Sox go the prep route again, this time taking (very) local product Noah Schultz, a 6'9" LHP out of Oswego East HS.

Now, I'm not gonna act like I'm anywhere near the draft "expert" I was a handful of years ago. Back in the Coach Sox Dave days I followed the draft like crazy, especiall y when I knew there were local products gunning for a 1st round grade. This year, with the White Sox in their "championship window" (puke) and with me no longer coaching that has tailed off a bit. But Noah Schultz is a name everyone knows who follows local HS baseball even a little bit.

The dude's a monster. Look at him on the mound against a bunch of little runts:

We'll get to his "shit" in a minute. The very first thing that sticks out to me when watching his video is how great his body control is. It's very rare for a tall, gangly HS kid that has grown like a weed over the last handful of years to have the sort of coordination that Schultz has. His mechanics are pretty damn repeatable, all things considered. Quiet, smooth and repeatable. That's how you develop command.

The arm slot is also going to reek havoc on LH hitters. He's got that low 3/4 slot and his fastball runs like crazy with great life. His fastball has been measured at 2600 RPMs. That's elite. His command should be fine with aforementioned repeatable mechanics. The size is there. The low mileage on his arm is there. But what's REALLY there is this pitch:

His slider. It's already grading out as a double plus pitch. Yeah, lefties aren't going to stand a chance against this kid. Jesus Christ is that filthy. Here are a few more angles:

That'll play at any level. 

I dig the pick. He was apparently going to be a tough sign because of his hard commitment to Vanderbilt, but he's already told Sox beat writers he's signing and that he couldn't pass up the chance to play for his hometown team. Nevertheless, we must take into account that he's a HS pitcher. There is huge boom or bust potential because of that. Could he be a bonafide top of the rotation arm? Sure. Could he be added to the list of injury plagued HS pitching products who never do shit? Also sure. Only 3 pitchers his height have ever thrown more than 500 innings. They're gambling on him being an outlier. Hopefully his floor is an Andrew Miller type pitcher. That'd be… fine. But you don't draft relievers in the 1st round. You draft dudes who can shut down lineups for 180+IP a year.

We'll find out in like…3-4 years. Gonna be a while until we see him in Chicago, if we ever do. A lot of time and development until that happens. 

Only issue is if he grew up a Cubs fan, then I might have to confront him and/or yes, even ban him. For now I'll give him the benefit of the doubt though.

Just gotta wait and see with him. That's the unfortunate part about MLB, it's exceedingly rare there is an instant contributor. Until then let's win a goddamn division. This is how the White Sox start the 2nd half:

There's an opportunity to pile up a LOT of wins to start the 2nd half. This division still goes through Chicago. Let's ride.