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Matt Holliday's Teammates With The Rockies Knew Jackson Holliday Would Be A First Round Pick When He Was Just 3-Years-Old

This is the stuff that legends are made of. 18-year-old Jackson Holliday has been around baseball clubhouses his whole life, basically grew up in the Rockies locker room with his dad Matt. Holliday's teammates said in an article published back in 2007 that 3-year-old Jackson would be a first round pick back then. That is how good he was. 

No chance this was hyperbole either. They for sure actually meant it. You just know a first-round talent when you see one. That is just good scouting by Matt's teammates, hope they turned into scouts down the line. One look at this video below and you can see why they thought he would be a first rounder.

Are you kidding me with that swing? That is a 1.1 swing at the ripe age of 3. You could see the arm was good back then. But being able to go opposite field to beat the shift one swing then look like Barry Bonds the next is a thing of beauty. Joey Gallo should be taking notes on that thing.

Don't give me the altitude crap either. That ball is out of any ballpark. What a cool story that he was getting touted as a first-round talent back in 2007, and here we are in 2022 with Jackson as the first pick in the draft for the Orioles. Pretty cool story, or as Jake Marsh would say, wild.