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Dave Roberts And Other MLB Managers Couldn't Even Watch Their Prospects In The Futures Game Because MLB Only Put It Streaming On Peacock

What a move by Major League Baseball. They put on their Futures Game on Saturday Night, a game including some of the brightest stars and best players in the minors that many fans barely get to see, to kick off All-Star Weekend.

So obviously MLB would make sure the game was put on a channel everyone has and can watch right? Like ESPN or MLB Network, right? WRONG. They put it on Peacock, the NBC streaming service that is pretty much subscribed to mostly by diehard fans of the EPL and The Office. What the hell kind of joke is this? 

To make matters worse, as baseball usually does, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was asked about the Futures Game and he told a reporter they straight up couldn't watch it because the locker room TV didn't have Peacock. 


What a crock of shit this is MLB. The Futures Game will be broadcast on MLB Network, it will just be at 9 AM on a Sunday. Great. Prospects are the future of the league and we can't even see guys like Gunnar Henderson, Jasson Dominguez, Masyn Winn, Anthony Volpe, Jordan Walker, Corbon Carroll, Francisco Alvarez, and Shea Langeliers. How does this make sense? Why is the game not on MLB Network, the network that MLB just so happens to own? Combine this with the fact that the first round of the MLB Draft is on a SUNDAY AT 7 PM and it's just laughable. You want to grow the game, get it in front of as many people as you can, and then you put the Minor League All-Star game on a streaming service that a lot of people don't have? Par for the course. 

It's just perfect that MLB managers can't even watch their top prospects hit bombs or throw 100 in the Futures Game because it's only available on a streaming service. Chef's kiss Rob. Chef's kiss. You did it again you bozo. Looking forward to a time when a World Series game starts at 10:13 PM.