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Don't Look Now, But Smokeshow Mystic Baba Vanga Is Now 2 For 2 On Her 6 Predictions For 2022

NY Post - A blind psychic who allegedly predicted 9/11 claimed there would be water shortages in 2022.

Baba Vanga, dubbed “Nostradamus of the Balkans,” claimed that large cities would be struck by water shortages because of drought. She said it would result in political consequences as alternative solutions were sought, the Mirror reported.

It comes as Portugal and Italy have told their respective populations to restrict their water usage, with the latter expected to go through its worst drought since the 1950s.

The clairvoyant also claimed there would be more earthquakes and tsunamis — with “intense bouts of flood” in Australia and parts of Asia.

Heavy rainfall and flooding have wreaked havoc on Australia’s East Coast on and off for much of the year.

Other predictions for the year included famine in India due to temperature drops that will cause locust swarms, another pandemic discovered in Siberia, alien arrival via asteroid and a virtual reality takeover.

No big deal. Just Chief's babe, Baba Vanga, batting a cool .333 at the All Star Break. She's still got half the season left and we always know she finishes strong. 

Unless you're one of the wackos who thinks things have been going ok this year, it's safe to say we all agree the world is an absolute shit show right now. 

So literally nothing is off the table when it comes to this minx Baba Vanga throwing darts at the board. 

I'm pretty sure India is in a constant state of famine and locust swarms are like a once-a-week occurrence over there so that pick is chalk. And I've been screaming for years now about artificial intelligence being the demise of us all, so you know I'm hammering that one. 

And I don't think anybody would be the least bit surprised if another totally not lab-manufactured virus wreaked havoc on the world's population via Vladamir and co. this time would we? 

As for the earthquakes and tsunamis, I really pray she doesn't sweep the board and hit on those two because I hate seeing the wake of destruction from natural disasters and people try to put the pieces back together. 

Does anybody know where the rest of chick's predictions are at? I'd like to start looking 5-10 years out instead of finding out via The Post every new year. Try to plan ahead a little bit you know what I mean?