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Absurd - The Only Way To Describe This Shot By Rory To Become The Leader At The British Open

Oh sure. Make it look that damn easy, Rory. I mean you're out here on fire and now tied for the lead at -15 (Hovland hit a huge putt right after this). But this tournament is for Rory. He's made to win at this sort of place. He's been the face of the PGA Tour ever since the split with LIV and the way he's been outspoken about it. And because it's sports, somehow, someway here's Rory tied for the lead a little more than halfway through the 3rd round.

This was vintage Rory too. The fist pump. The high five. The entire crowd going nuts. Shit, you even had DJ and Scottie Scheffler on the tee box laughing and smiling about it. They mentioned it on the broadcast but hitting that shot there has basically as many eyes on the course as possible on you. 

I don't know how else to describe that shot though. Absurd. That's it. That's a shot that wins you another Open.