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Buffalo Concierge For The Chiclets Cup!!!

The wait is over and the biggest party to come to Buffalo since the playoff game last year: Chiclets Cup Buffalo!! 

The events kick off Thursday, July 21 with registration and an opening party at the Labatt Blue Light Brewery… not a Big Deal.  After everyone drinks their weight in Labatts and tries to get some sleep waiting on the EBR version of Christmas morning. The games will be played all day Friday and Saturday with the Championship Trophies handed out on Saturday evening.  The Big Deal selects are the current favorite at -135.  The games are great whether you are playing or just come by and hangout with the crew to throw back some Pink Whitney and take bets on how soon the Whit will lose his voice this trip.



Buffalo, New York 

EBR has covered this belligerent city with a Chiclets Concierge during the NHL season and picking up a win on the Sabres that night, but with 900 participants headed in to Buffalo to compete for Chiclets glory we had to fire it out again!  This map of drinks, food, and much more will take you down the famed Chippewa Street to a few of our favorite bars and uncover the local's spots for the best food around the city.

Team Local Watering Hole Of Choice: 

Rec Room - This place has it all, dueling pianos one night, live band karaoke another, and Saturday nights with a DJ and Bottle Service. The bar is located on the famed Chippewa st. that is packed every weekend. Everyone please be aware and make sure Grinnell isn't in charge of making the order again but maybe we can get Whit up on stage to sing us a few tunes.  Watch out for Dale, the owner, he is a complete menace when he jumps behind the bar.


Best Buffalo Wings: 

Bar Bill Tavern North - A 20-minute drive from downtown, but if you want the best wings in all of Buffalo the trip must be made. Now I am a traditionalist when it comes to wingy, so I always order 10 medium-hot with 2 blue cheese and a tall draft of Labatt Blue Light. The boys in the past usually do the no napkin-no licking fingers game to see who does not have to chip in for the bill.

Best Buffalo Wing Sub Sandwich: 

Elmwood Tacos and Subs - Located just north of downtown in another bar district on Elmwood Ave. and the buffalo wing sub is a must every time I go through the city. During the 2 days of the Chiclets Cup, you can ask for Taco Mike and mention this blog and he’ll take care of you with a free soda with your order.

Buffalo Is A Drinking Town:  

Crown Royal - I’ve never seen a city more obsessed with a certain type of alcohol than the city of Buffalo and Crown. This love affair has cost me a few hangovers that are not worth the squeeze.  Find your way to the bar and ask someone if they want a shot 10/10 times they will say Crown. The city has been like this forever, but I’m pretty sure after the Chiclets Cup weekend Pink Whitney will take over the city like it did recently in Denver!!!


Late Night Eats: 

Jim’s Steak-out - There are 10 locations around town, but there’s a 99% chance you will be hitting the one on Chippewa street around 4:05 am after stumbling out of the Chiclets party. This spot is known for its subs but make sure to add a couple of tacos and onion rings to the order, secretly the two best items on the menu.  A former Sabres player was known for taking down 2 Stingers after the bar every time he was out on the town. The stinger is the best of both worlds combining a regular cheesesteak and a buffalo chicken tender together in one sub.

Local Team: 

Big Deal Selects - Founded 2021 

First tournament was a success on many levels with the firepower assembled on the roster and the amount of fun the team had. But GM Biz is results orientated and was not happy.  He deemed the tournament a failure because the team did not bring home the hardware from Las Vegas.

I have been allowed to report that there have been changes to the roster, but like any good GM/Player, these are being kept close to the vest.  The team will be ready and no mercy is a theme for the team that has been rumbling in the off season.  



Buffalo Riverworks - 359 Granson Street

A massive waterfront complex that has two full ice rinks covered with a pavilion, restaurants and bars that will host the majority of the Chiclets Cup festivities.  This place will be packed so get there early to get seats on the glass to lob chirps all day at the players.

Bonus Places to Eat:

Chefs Italian - Sabres players pregame meal spot and the order is always without a doubt the chicken parm and ask for the side of spaghetti to be "parmed" as well.

LaNova Pizza - Order a sheet pizza with pepperoni. Sicilian style with mini pepperonis that always shows up perfectly crisped.  I can guarantee, I'll be making an order to the rinks to extend the day for the boys.

Ted’s Hot Dogs - Couple of foot-long dogs prepared on the grill right in front of you were always amazing to see as a youngster. These dogs will be at the top of the list for Frank the Tank when he makes his trip to Buffalo for Raw Dogs.


Everyone have a great weekend, compete hard in your games, enjoy some Pink Whitney responsibly and if I run into at the Bubble Hockey games I will show No Mercy!!

Also, don't forget Biz made this claim on Spittin' Chiclets back in April.

Twitter: mattmurley19

Instagram: murls_ebr