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Tacko Fall's New Shooting Form At The Free Throw Line May Have Just Revolutionized Basketball As We Know It

I will always root for Tacko. His time in Boston was legendary as far as I'm concerned. People may joke around when it comes to Tacko and his game, but make no mistake. The dude can play

Let's for example talk about that free throw. A bizarre routine to the naked eye. You see something like that and you have to watch it a few times just to make sure you fully understand what happened. Tacko has unleashed some sort of off hand circular swirling motion that I most definitely have never seen before. If you watch it frame by frame you can see the offhand circular motion starts with the ball still in Tacko's right hand. That just feels like so much unnecessary movement at a pretty important moment in someone's form. You would think that might throw you off considering you're doing magic tricks in one hand and shooting a basketball in the other. I'll ask you now to look again and tell me what happened.

Tacko nailed them both. Barely hit the rim which tells you it was as close to pure as it gets.

I'll have you know that Tacko is a career 32% free throw shooter and shot just 28% in his 11 appearances as a Cav last year. It's essentially impossible for him to be any worse, so if he finally found something that works for him and may have actually changed basketball forever, then he should be celebrated and not mocked for this. Think of how many bad free throw shooters there are right now. Nobody wants to go to the Granny Style move because that looks ridiculous and they'll get dragged on the internet. But what if they instead do Tacko's move? That's nowhere near as embarrassing and is actually kind of cool when you watch it a few times. Something so outrageous and goes against everything you're taught as a kid growing up and learning basketball that you can't help but be impressed.

If we could shift our focus to this actual game and Tacko's actual situation real quick, we all know how this ends right? Danny Ainge believed in Tacko once before and now that he's traded Rudy Gobert and Tacko is suddenly elite from the FT line, there's no way Ainge lets him go. In his 16 minutes of action today, he went 2-3 from the floor (4-6 from the line) and had 4 blocks. He's been dominating all week

and Ainge needs a center who will help him tank. It's all too perfect. I still believe there's a place in the NBA for Tacko, he's sneaky not that bad against quicker players defensively. I've seen him guard point guards on a switch with no help and actually survive. I've seen him hit threes. Now he's automatic from the FT line with the help of this new form and maybe it's time for the rest of the NBA to be afraid because Happy apparently has learned how to putt.