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Stranger Things 4 MEGAPOD Featuring KFC

Another season of Stranger Things down, another podcast recapping all the chaos that went on in the quiet town of Hawkins with our lowkey supernerd pal KFC, who to be clear I am NOT comparing to Vecna in the thumbnail of this blog. KFC may have his faults as the biggest hater in Barstool, but he is not an undead demon responsible for murdering a bunch of innocent people in Indiana.

Anyway, Robbie and I broke down every episode with quick 15-20 minute recaps on the My Mom's Basement YouTube, but we got our boy KFC on to discuss the important stuff like which Season 4 storylines were the best/worst, what will Season 5 look like with the "kids" being college aged, should Nancy go back to Steve, and just how dusty Mr. Wheeler's dick is considering all the hints Mrs. Wheeler has been dropping.


If YouTube isn't your thing or you like to go retro by listening to your pods, you can always catch us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

For more Stranger Things 4 content, check out the quick hitter episodes (10-15 minutes each) from My Mom's Basement on YouTube or buy a shirt while they are on sale to keep the lights on in the basement!



Episode 1:


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